Two brothers inherit their ancestors' farmhouse. After several interesting discoveries about its past, this house becomes the basis of the movement.

An very inspiring and intriguing fiction book that deals with our present-day climate problem.

This international project was developed by Dutch/Italian designer-author Jan Puylaert and Australian designer-author Ilia Chidzey. Illustrations and pieces of furniture make the story come alive. 

The book products are printed with non-toxic ink on ecological paper that will decompose rapidly in nature.   

The project includes various products: a box with book and seeds; the book alone; the pages so you can fold yourself a book and an e-book. All the products below can be ordered online.


Fold your own book:

Jan Puylaert & Ilia Chidzey 

Save the planet, read how, start by folding your own book!

In a cardboard tube you find the printed pages together with an instruction. You fold your own book, read it and become inspired! Total 160 pages.

The pages with free delivery in Europe: € 24,50

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Please note that in the instruction we wrongly indicated that there are 10 sheets in the tube. There 5 sheets inside. These came directly from the printing press. Before you start with the folding instructions we recommend to cut the sheets by half, this makes the folding easier. You understand where to cut looking at the first illustration of the instruction. With the 10 sheets you can start folding according to the instruction. 






Jan Puylaert & Ilia Chidzey 

The bookcover has been produced in three colours of linnen: green, yellow and red.

The book is printed on ecological paper, bound by hand in linnen and is illustrated. In the book extra photo's are inserted on laminated paper. Total 176 pages.

Limited edition.

The book with free delivery in Europe : € 49,50

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 - box

Jan Puylaert & Ilia Chidzey 

The beautiful designed wooden box contains the book and a bottle full of seeds for trees and wild flowers so you can start planting immediately. As well do you find in the box a document for ownership of one square meter of land to be preserved with trees. 

The book has a vintage-look and is produced in a small edition on truly beautiful ecological paper, bound by hand in linnen and is illustrated. See details above.

The box with free delivery in Europe: € 99,50.

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E-book World

Jan Puylaert & Ilia Chidzey

The e-book is available direct from our website for only € 4,95.

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After payment you receive the link for the download via e-mail. 















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